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 Gipsy wedding in West Yorkshire


*See the latest exciting gipsy wedding pictures under New Weddings on this site and on our Facebook Page spread over several albums.


Natural Asian - Pakistani, Indian, Hindu, Sikh, Chinese  -  and multicultural wedding photography, reportage documentary style.


Asian bride by the window at sunset 

Natural wedding pictures are usually the most expressive, but most couples also need a few posed photos to get the best out of them on their wedding day.  The one above is of an Asian bride by the window, lit by the gloriously warm gold light of the late afternoon winter sunshine at Davenport Green Hall in Cheshire. Whatever your culture or background, and sure you can appreciate the beauty of the light in this wedding image, and hopefully imagine yourself here too, assuming you are a bride to be!  The groom was wonderful as well, so I really enjoyed taking their pictures, and covering the whole wedding reception Walimah, so it was a shame they didn't find me for their actual ceremony the week before in London. We were already booked anyway, so it is a good idea to contact us early if you want Elaine and Jorge taking pictures and video at your wedding!


natural church wedding picture

 Natural wedding photography, as in this romantic picture where the bride and groom hold hands during their church wedding in Southern Ireland.

destination wedding photographers, international weddings abroad

International wedding photography. The first row in the wedding pics above is of a beach wedding in the Seychelles. The second row shows a bride sitting on her bed in Pakistan, then a romantic kiss between the Egyptian groom and Ukrainian bride, then an Ethiopain and Ghanaian wedding in London of the throwing of the bouquet, then the black and white photo I call my Romeo and Juliet picture as they are so sweet,  then two cute kids at a wedding in Scotland, and a natural light picture of an Asian bride's Dupatta - or jewelled veil. The final row shows an unusual wedding in the Ice Hotel in Sweden, an exotic wedding at Cap Lazare in The Seychelles, and an Art Bedroom in The Ice Hotel. We just love taking photos or video at weddings abroad!

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Dream weddings: the perfect partner, a wonderful wedding venue, delicious food, an amazing dress, all your special people, so now its time to book your wedding photographer, and videographer, so you don't miss a thing! Before you choose who is going your share your day to capture the magic, please spend some time looking at wedding pictures, and all the other info on our site, then say hello to me - Elaine - on our Facebook page, as wherever your wedding is, I know you will be very happy! We are based in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, so very close to Leeds, Huddersfield, Bradford and Batley, but we also travel abroad for lovely people's international weddings for natural and multi-cultural wedding pictures. Have fun!


xx Elaine and Jorge


 *SEE  Tina and Malcolm's wedding at Dewsbury Town Hall - a lovely Nigerian bride with her distinguished English groom and their baby.

Pics from the latest Gambian-Nigerian traditional wedding are here

and here, and here and the main part of the ceremony here.

Their church wedding pictures from St Mary's Cathedral in Banjul.


* Elaine will be photographing other weddings in The Gambia in 2015 so if you are getting married abroad or even having a Gambian wedding please get in touch quickly!  Our most recent international wedding was a Asian Muslim wedding in Norway in August this year. First few mehndi party pics are here and the highlights video is here too.

 *Our latest Italian storybooks are on our blog here and here.

 Latest events: Music in the Gardens - Sheffield Botanical Gardens

Huddersfield Carnival video and photos

Huddersfield Festival of Light

Other recent weddings:  Atif and Sumayyah, Becky and Adam, Amy and Joshua at Dewsbury Town Hall, and Joshua's mother's wedding too - see Reel Life Photos Facebook photo albums, as too many to list here...,

* been awarded  FIRST prize in the  INTERNATIONAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS EXCELLENCE AWARDS! The brief was to submit 5 images from the same wedding that showed the excitement and emotions of a wedding day. Am totally bowled over that I actually won it! The $1,000 prize that came with it was wonderful too!

* Another bit of good news too, as one of my travel pictures is also to be included in a book of award winners from this street photography contest!


We know the first question that all couples want to ask their ideal wedding photographers is "How Much?" and that its a huge task paying for all the various must haves for your wedding, so give me a call on 07990 867058 or message me through Facebook for wedding photography or video prices.       Click here to see a few favourite pics on Facebook.  *links are in bold black.

Other weddings this year can be seen in our Facebook Albums, such as Martin and Helen's unusual wedding ceremony in Whitby, their wedding "car" pics here and wedding cake here, and more of their natural wedding pics here and hereNaz and Bilal's Asian Muslim wedding in Wakefield and here and here, an Arabic wedding in London - just the wedding breakfast cuisine and here showing the venue only, and Caroline and Ahmed's Egyptian Muslim wedding in Sheffield and here the interracial bride and groom eating icecream in Sheffield Botanical gardens, and Esther and Tom's church wedding ceremony in Scotland, and here their wedding reception, and more of their natural wedding pictures.

Nigerian couple's emotional and colourful Autumn wedding in Worcester, at St Peter's Baptist Church. Great fun to observe the story of their day and record these images as they unfolded before me.  The happiest moments from this joyous Nigerian bride.  See more in the various photo albums on our Facebook page. See more Nigerian and Gambian weddings on our African wedding page too!

 Video and Photography from  Reel Life Photos international wedding photographers.

Time & travel is no object on & around your wedding day.  We just want to make you happy, so let us know what YOU want  xx Elaine & Jorge