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  • We love travelling to nice people's weddings so wherever your wedding is we currently don't make any charge for travel, or travel-time at all. 
  • Wherever your wedding is we are happy to stay all day - as long as you like - for no extra charge at all.
  • We understand that many people struggle with their wedding budget so only take a token booking fee of £50 followed by £500 for UK weddings and weddings abroad four weeks before your wedding (all advance payments come off the total balance) and the final balance when you choose and order your prints or album. 
  • If choosing a storybook album we let you pay for 50% of the remaining balance at the time of ordering and the rest  when your album arrives.
  • We put all your wedding pics online so everyone can see them.
  • You can email or call us anytime, though hopefully not before 9.00 am or much after midnight!
  • You can contribute your own ideas or preferences in your own personal album design, as we upload it for your feedback and ideas before sending it to print - we don't mind how hard we work to make you 100% happy with your album design - even if it means staying up all night!
  • After you have paid for your album, or prints or agreed order,  you can also purchase all images shot (currently £380) - which can be anything between 400 and over thousand full-res image files, all carefully worked on in their RAW data state (that's what takes us at least a week per wedding one average)  and when ready converted to standard full resolution jpeg files  and put onto one or more DVDs for you to keep for posterity.
  • we'll even come along to your Hen or Stagnight too for just £380 if you want all those pics for you to print from or you might perefer to buy the prints from us online,  plus our standard wedding day photography prices, subject to availability.
  •    This one day will stay forever in your memory, even your thoughts will come back to you, prompted by the expressions on your faces as you look at your wedding photos. We are NOT cheap but we hope you will value your wedding photography as much as we do. 

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I will share your day if you are the first couple to book your date, then after that Jorge, or another member of our team will  get the pleasure. I have a few overseas weddings soon this year,  but I guess you are probably looking ahead a bit anyway ...

A good place to start on our rather cluttered and busy website is on our Picture Blog  or on our Storybook Page, where you can see different weddings at a glance or perhaps click on our Facebook page  to see whole weddings - both Winter and summer and international ones. Email  us or give me a call (Elaine - 07990 867058) ...  You can also LIKE on Facebook page  - or type Reel Life Photos into Facebook search.

When our brides and grooms come to choose their wedding photos, they all seem to have the same criteria – facial expressions and an emotional response.  Very few people only value "glamour" style posed pictures - even though they all appreciate family groups who look relaxed and natural rather than all in a straight line like a bus-queue.  Our ethos has always been to put feelings first - and money last. However much - or however little - a bride is able/prepared to pay for her wedding, has no influence at all on the number of hours we stay or the effort we put in to make the couple - and their family's experience the best ever.

Some brides have never had so much attention focussed on them, and as many are already mothers with lines of tiredness round their eyes, so to have someone make them feel and look beautiful, to focus on making them special on their wedding day is as important as the final results themselves.

Sometimes we are about to leave after the first dance, as all appears to have been taken, but then suddenly we can launch into an outdoor night-time series of pics in the depths of Winter, as the couple are enjoying it so much!

So it’s all about understanding our individual couple's hopes and dreams – not forgetting that your respective parents/families who might have a different vision which needs to be included too -  and doing our utmost to help you fulfil them.

You can keep the date with just a £50 booking fee then pay £500 four weeks before the wedding, Both come off the prices below of course...

After your wedding you can choose what you would like to have to take home with you - which is entirely up to you!

Our most popular storybook album is a spectacular Italian set of albums really - with a large A3 one with up to 100 pages for you two, and a smaller copy - but with identical content - for up to two sets of parents.  They have a brilliant metallic finish which sets off the photos beautifully - even years down the line my earliest sample of these albums from 2004 still looks pristine!  You also get 6 tiny pocket-sized softback copies to take around with you to show friends at work or out and about.  You can even chose what sort of cover you have - timeless real leather, metal with an image overprinted on it, or exceedingly popular glowing crystal glance Acrylic cover over your full sized all-time favourite wedding photo.  Naturally all this luxury comes at a price! £2,950 for the whole lot is a good investment though in your family's heritage to be passed on down through the generations - it even has a lifetime guarantee!

Our other storybook albums start at £1200 for 40 pages (A4 ish storybook) - around 50 images for good impact or £1600 for 60 pages and around 70 images or £1790 for 80 pages and 100 images on average  (loads of work preparing all those too! ) .  We have at least 12-15 sample albums from recent weddings, so you'll get a good idea which one suits you best.

With all our storybook albums, and print-only options the advance payment comes off the total balance, so you only pay the difference after the wedding.  For the storybook, this is usually split into two parts: half when you order your album, and half when you collect/receive it afterwards, though if you have overshot your target budget, talk to me as we can usually agree to an informal payment scheme whereby you decide how much you feel comfortable with each month, hopefully not taking longer than one-two years though!!

We also like you to decide on which pics you want and to finalise your choices - for either prints or album - within 12 months of the wedding - which is only natural as most of you can't wait to get your album/photos .

With our PRINT ONLY only option you choose as few or as many pics as you like after your wedding, starting at 30 prints 9"x6" for £650 - just add on £10.00 a print of you want more than that, or if you have set your heart on a STORYBOOK then you'll be able to see them when you choose what you'd like after the wedding and decide if your budget is on target to get one of them.

We can still get you a traditional album though, if that is what you prefer, but since we haven't had anyone wanting one for ages, I've not added any details here, but you can check with me when you book or make an enquiry anyway...

You can of course opt for our Digital only option - which is still a full week's work for us preparing hundreds of images for you (actual number will vary according to how your day pans out and how excited you all are at being photographed) - whereby you purchase only the JPG images on a set of DVDs from which you can make as many prints as you like. The price for that is £1,500, though if you have already paid us for an album, or prints, this will be a lot cheaper - just £380 on top! We prefer you to order your most important prints through us though, so we can make sure the colours have the correct colour profile for the particular lab being used. This gives you the right to make multiple prints, but as artists, the intellectual copyright remains with us as standard. ie we still own the copyright, so we may use the digital (or printed) images on our website, blog, and Facebook pages to promote or advertise our work.

For wedding video see our site  - £1660 for 4 DVD copies of your fully-edited  TV-styled personal video, or if you just want a straight copy for your records - just to show grandma or someone who couldn't make it on the day - with virtually no editing - no music, or colour balancing or sound editing  -  its £460. 

You only need paid one booking fee and one advance payment though, if choosing to have both of us over to share your day.  We even pay our own travel costs as you have enough to pay for!!  (same prices wherever in the UK or abroad you see, as we love travelling to meet different people in exciting locations all over the world!)

To arrange an appointment or book your wedding Contact Elaine here!    We also do wall prints as crystal clear 10mmm Acrylic - up to 42" wide.  See here:

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