Music and Corporate HD video for web, DVD or Blu-ray

SPIRIT 2013 Dewsbury street theatre video by Jorge of Reel Life Photos.

Jorge's latest music video for Claudio Kron do Brazil


 Here is a recent Music video made for renowned violinist Caroviolina


 and a promotional-event video shot on behalf of CDH (Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia) - a children's charity. It is 8 mins 55 secs long.


and a short basic infomercial for Mymou bar-club in Huddersfield - 4 Queen Street Also known as Kewz Urban Bar 



and this one..   for a client who wanted several variations - all from the same raw material.  When seen all together like this it obviously seems too slow, but the client is king!  Jorge created the story, and the variations to please.  Hopefully we will now do a re-edit and split them up so that they appear shorter and snappier for general appeal.

Flavours of the World from Jorge Borges-Ibanez on Vimeo.


and a full-length promo for Urban Strings

We are happy to make any length of Corporate HD  video, or cover an event for you, so please contact Elaine for a personal quote. 

See our corporate events photography here:


Previous clients include Syngenta, Kirklees, Pathfinders UK, Spectrum Radio in London, BPD Media in London, Yorvida Limited, Beaumont Street Studios, Comedia Millenium Awards, the Cuban Embassy in London,  and the Columbian Embassy in London too.