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 Fun wedding picture of Gypsy wedding cake

Above is a really fun, natural wedding picture, showing the cutting of the cake and the reflections in the mirror behind them at a gypsy wedding in Blackpool in winter.


Traditional Balinese wedding in Bali - from our latest wedding abroad!

Just one pic from one of our unusual weddings abroad - in Iceland!  This picture was taken towards the end of the Canadian couple's wedding day, by the Blue Lagoon: bitterly cold though! They were almost as blue as the lagoon but determined to get the photos they wanted!

The above video is a whole slideshow of photos from a Nigerian English couple's wedding inside Dewsbury Town Hall.  You get to see how much fun natural wedding pictures can be for the guests, as they don't have to stop what they are doing!  It was a winter wedding so the couple chose to stay inside in the warm.


 We love fun weddings - wherever they are!  This was a church wedding in South Yorkshire, but we have been covered weddings in all 5 continents of the world over the years. This photo slideshow is from an Eritrean wedding shot in London - well the bride was from Eritrea and the groom was from Ghana.


 This romantic Asian bride arrives by boat to be greeted by all her family before walking into her marquee wedding reception at Thornton Manor Lakeside.

Natural wedding pictures are usually the most expressive, but most couples also need a few posed photos to get the best out of them on their wedding day. We photograph and video all kinds of weddings, unusual and traditional.  Whatever your culture or background or religion, am sure you can appreciate the beauty and diversity of the wedding images on our site - spread over several pages - and hopefully imagine yourself here too, assuming you are a bride or groom to be!


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