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We'd love to have your thoughts and ideas on our work / approach/ website! Even if you are a first time visitor or just starting to plan your wedding or have already had us take your photos or were a guest at one of our special couple's weddings Please click here to read reviews or to leave us a comment or feedback.  The best places to leave us a review is on Free-Index or a star rating   - and a few words  - on our Google + Page  if you have a gmail or similar Google account.  We have over 120 reviews on Facebook too!



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Iraqi Arabic bride in lacey white wedding dress

We often have couples from weddings we have done since the start of the digital era visiting us on Facebook and leaving lovely comments - many years after their wedding.  See recent comments below (We photographed Adele's wedding in Scotland in 2004 - she now lives in Australia -  and Lillian's in 2003 - she now lives in the US.)

Gill Mullis ReMax Guelph "there are millions of photogaphers out there, thousands of wedding specialist, very few artists that use a camera as their medium and capture, light, image and feellings in a portrait. the difference is you Elaine, not the subject. your work stands as a testament to your excellence".(comment by Gill on Facebook following her wedding blessing)

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    • Lillian Walker Duke I for one know you and Jorge put your heart and soul in what you do...Thank you so much for the memories you made for me on our wedding day. I especially thank you for the gift you gave me when Peter died....I love you both for all you did.
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    • Elaine Borges-Ibanez Ah bless Lillian! You will always be special to us too. Hope life has been slightly kinder to you lately too?
      Yesterday at 04:29  ·  · 
    • Bekki Ford The one thing i am always glad of is the photo's and Video from you. Your work was worth every penny. We had a fantastic day and laughed so much but your pictures are there forever. Thank you xx
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This is about a pic of a bride and groom kissing under their wedding veil


Elaine Borges-Ibañez Black and white with colour in the night sky and soft, crisp folds of the veil interspersed, enhance the magic of their kiss...

Not sure which version Sally will like best...
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    • Adele Rooney its one of my fav wedding photos Elaine. I wish I had got one like that ;(
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    • Elaine Borges-Ibañez 
      Ah bless! If you still have your veil we can always do a re-enactment - 3 babies on - when I visit you in Brisbane? What makes this one special are the genuine expressions and the dramatic night sky with the soft white peak of the marquee ...See more
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    • Adele Rooney Don't have the veil. I was my 'something borrowed'. When we renew them I'll get it!
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These were Reviews left on our Facebook Page but I copied them before the changes made to the Reviews Tab a few years back, as these would have been deleted

  • "" Jodie Hudson - Well Elaine we have come to the end of this chapter,but many many thanks for your dedication and hard work with our wedding pictures they are fantastic. I will definately recommend you to all the brides to be Many thanks and love Jodie Scott and Jake xx
    · · 07 March at 19:33
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      • Elaine Borges-Ibanez Oh how exciting! Didn't know I had any reviews on FB! What a lovely surprise!
        08 March at 09:39 ·
  • ""
    WOW, WOW, WOW, what a fabulous Lady Elaine is! Not just your average photography service! From initial contact to creation of the fantastic Story book album Elaine was committed, personable and professional!
    This was no ordinary wedding and Elaine is not just an ordinary photographer! We had a truly international wedding, combining the cultures of the British and the Gambian Mandinkas over 2 days with hundreds of happy guests. This was then taken and interpreted into a truly exceptional piece of work by Elaine to give us a unique Story book album which has been admired by many around the world, all who have said that they have never seen such an outstanding and unusual wedding album.
    As the wedding was in Gambia Elaine flew out free of charge for the weeks celebrations, she embraced the local culture and people with her boundless energy and passion.
    Elaine captured the action naturally without anyone really noticing, which was reflected in the relaxed, natural and very happy looking people in the photos she took, she was a part of the occasion without interrupting the enjoyment.
    The Parents books and the small pocket books were just as amazing as the main album, the quality is superb, these albums have been given out around the world and admired by many with nothing but lots of compliments on the artistic talents and superb natural photography. Both Pocket books and parent books are better than anything you can produce at your local supermarket Photoshop!
    My father’s words sum up the final results “XTRAORDINARY, AMAZING, UNIQUE” . Elaine’s enthusiasm and professionalism for photography and people gave us an album to make the wedding memories last for life!
    Many many thanks to Elaine for your hard work from Denise and Bax Camara, all who attended the wedding and those who have seen the final results!
    · · 26 September 2010 at 13:40
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      • Elaine Borges-Ibanez And I'd go back to Gambia any time, or photograph any of Denise and Bax's adventurous wedding guests who flew in from around the world to share their truly international African beach wedding followed by a day of dancing to traditional instruments, colourful costumes and happy smiles.
        08 March at 09:43 ·
  • "" Outstanding pre wedding service, SO helpful... which means it's one area of the wedding planning I can forget about without worrying.
    · · 12 March 2010 at 13:23
      • Elaine Borges-Ibanez Only just noticed this Hayley. How lovely! Very sweet of you to tell me how you felt about us - before the wedding even took place! xx
        04 August 2010 at 22:11 ·